Burgers with Buck: Fado

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Everybody is Irish this week, and that includes #BurgersWithBuck.  

Now when you think of traditional Irish cuisine, things like Shepherd's Pie, corned beef, and of course Guinness Beer probably come to mind.  It pains the #BWB staff to admit that when you envision the perfect Irish meal, you're probably not picturing a giant burger on your plate.  

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That is until now.

The Fado Pub Burger starts with grilled Angus beef, smoked cheddar, fried egg, arugula and tomato served on a pretzel roll.  

Sounds great, huh?  And it is.  But in the words of Ron Popeil..."but wait, there's more".  

Now you may be thinking to yourself, what's so Irish about that.  Oh I almost forgot, it also includes a whiskey bacon marmalade.  

Pinch me, if you know what I mean.  

Of course they have all of your traditional Irish items on the menu, and #BWB fully endorses those as well, but corned beef with Buck just doesn't have a ring to it...or does it? 

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody.  Have a great and safe weekend, and I'll leave you with this...

"May the road rise up to meet you.

May you always have good luck.

May your belly be forever full.

Thanks to Burgers With Buck."

For more information about Fado Irish Pub, including menu, locations, and everything you need to know about Atlanta's premier St. Patrick's Day Party , go to their website http://fadoirishpub.com/atlanta/.

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