Burgers with Buck: Cowfish Sushi and Burger Bar

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Do you like burgers? Of course you do or you probably wouldn't be reading this.

Do you like sushi? If you answered yes to both questions, I think I've come across something you are going to like. 

The great news is, if you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, there is still a really good chance you are going to like it.

So what am I talking about?  Well, the Burgushi, of course.  Now stop right here because I want to urge you to take a deep breath before forming an instant opinion.  This is not the time for a hasty generalization.  Trust me on this.

The Burgushi is the brain child of The Cowfish Sushi and Burger Bar (now open at Perimeter Mall).  If you are a sushi and burger lover, you will love the presentation as well as the taste.  Meanwhile if you love burgers but have little to no interest in sushi, you will still love the taste and probably enjoy the unique presentation...and most importantly for you, there is no fish in or around the Burgushi, raw or cooked.

Okay, so what is it? 

It is a unique fusion of a burger and sushi.  First of all, there are more than 10 varieties on the menu.  Burgers With Buck sampled 'The All-American Bacon Double Cheeseburgooshi'.  In the center is seasoned certified Angus Beef, yellow cheddar cheese, applewood bacon, and red onion.  All of that is wrapped in soy paper and potato strings and then flash fried, and topped with ketchup, mustard, dill pickle and Roma tomato. 

Oh yeah!

It looks like sushi, and tastes like a bacon double cheeseburger.  Can you say the best of both world's?  Before you say it is just a gimmick, consider this...the flash fried potato strings give it a delicious and crispy texture that is quite unique.

Forget the California Roll, this is sushi for people that don't eat sushi.  Or for people who do eat sushi, but also enjoy a good burger every now and again. 

For the record, there is an actual Cowfish swimming around in the aquarium at the front of the restaurant.  His name is...wait for it...wait for it.  Burgushi!

But don't be confused there is no Cowfish in the Burgushi.

For more information on The Cowfish including their menu and locations, go to their website https://www.thecowfish.com/.

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