Burgers with Buck: Clocked

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What is a burger, but nature’s ultimate comfort food?

So for Georgia Bulldogs fans still smarting from last week’s upset loss to Auburn, all is not lost. Clocked, on Washington Street in downtown Athens, is still serving up delicious burgers and there is still one last home game this Saturday (11/18) at Sanford Stadium. Bring on Kentucky and bring on #BurgersWIthBuck.

Clocked, the home of the Peanut Butter and Bacon burger is known as one of the best burger spots in the Classic City. With some 13 delicious burger variations on the menu, as well as options for customizing them, it can be tough to decide what to order.  Full disclosure, #BWB spent a lot of time in Athens as a Fox 5 sports reporter for 13 years and had already enjoyed the P-B and B Burger, so this time we were looking for something different.  As is the custom, we left the decision in the hands of the staff and Clocked, and as is the custom, the did not disappoint.

The choice, the Blackberry Bacon Jam Burger.  For starters, the grass-fed, locally sourced beef would be good by itself, but that’s not how #BWB rolls.  Try this on for size, a house made blackberry, bacon jam, topped with smoked gouda cheese, with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, thick cut pickles, and house garlic-dijon sauce all served on a hot, buttered, H&F roll.

Oh boy, this burger literally melts in your mouth. So if you’re headed to the Kentucky game, it might be a great addition to your tailgate fare, but know that it will be jammed packed with other Bulldog Burger lovers, and likely some Wildcat Burger Lovers as well.  No matter where your football loyalties lie, a great burger is something that can bring all sides together, at least before kickoff.

For more information on Clocked including the location, menu and hours of operation, go to their website clockeddiner.com.

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