Burgers with Buck: Canoe in Vinings

When you think of Canoe restaurant, located on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Vinings, a burger joint is not what comes to mind. Make no mistake, it's not a joint, but is does have a delicious burger on the menu because...well why not, right?

Not only do they have a burger on the menu, but with a name like Canoe, and a Chattahoochee Riverside location, it just seems appropriate that they serve a burger that is a beef and duck blend.  Yes, you read that right...duck.

The Duck N' Beef Burger at Canoe begins with an 80-20 blend of chuck and duck, the lean beef and the fat of the duck meat combine to make a juicy patty with just a hint of sweet gameyness.  Add to that a sunny side up egg, spinach, pickled onions, a little mayo, and a side of truffled pommes frites, and you get a delicious burger that is worthy of being on the menu at a place that was inducted in 2005 into Nation's Restaurant News Fine Dining Hall of Fame.

And put a little more simply like we like to do at #BurgersWithBuck... it's really good.

For more information on Canoe in Vinings, including menu, history, specials, and hours of operation... go to their website, https://www.canoeatl.com/.

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