Bullets fly through sleeping children's rooms

Parents said their children were sleeping as stray bullets flew through several units at the Forest Cove apartment complex in Southeast Atlanta.

"I heard a big boom," said 17-year-old Brianna Thomas, who was sleeping in the room with her sister. "I [saw] the bullet, and the plaster come up," she said, as she and her sister ducked for cover.

"At that moment I was terrified one of my kids could have been hit," said mother Nikeya Thomas.

Atlanta Police said a shootout Sunday night at the apartment complex left three apartments damaged. 

One mom said off camera to FOX 5, bullets flew right above her sleeping three year old and hit the wall.

"It's gotten to the point of safety, for me and all the children," Thomas said.

Last October, FOX 5  told you how stray bullets in the same apartment complex injured a one year old boy, who was hit in the arm during a shootout while his family celebrated a birthday outside.

Management told FOX 5 they've evicted 150 people this past year to cut down on crime, and security heavily patrols the area, but criminals keep loitering around the area and the property.

Atlanta Police are working to identify the suspects and have stepped up patrols around the complex.