Buckhead Burglars Caught on Tape

Atlanta Police want your help in finding two bold burglars who broke in a beauty bar.

Police said it was a Halloween heist at Glowdry on Roswell Road.  Surveillance video shows two men smash the glass front door and go straight for two iMac computers. 

The owner said with the recent spike in Buckhead crime, she is really surprised the break-in didn't happen sooner.

"I just think Buckhead in general, there's a lot going on and people, if they think they can easily take something, they will," said owner Paige Perkins.

Perkins said the crime took less than 30 seconds, but will cost her thousands of dollars.

A repairman spent the day repairing the damage done. Mrs. Perkins said she would like to see the city step up it's patrolling in the area.

"I think there is a lot at this point. I think more vigilance, more security in the shopping centers, more watchful eye, more surveillance cameras I think that would help," Mrs. Perkins said.

Atlanta Police said if you have any information give them a call.