Brookhaven couple wins Powerball jackpot

The Powerball winners who bought their ticket at a Publix in Brookhaven have stepped forward and claimed their prize.

William and Heather ten Broeke won the September 17 jackpot, which was worth nearly $247 million, but the couple took the cash option which pays almost $166 million before taxes. 

They were grocery shopping in Town Brookhaven when Mrs. ten Broeke reminded her husband to buy a Powerball ticket. 

"Aren't you going to get a ticket," the 38-year-old asked him. 

Mr. ten Broeke, a commercial credit officer, said if his wife, a cardiac device specialist, wouldn't have reminded him, they wouldn't have won. 

They claimed their prize on Monday. According to the couple, they checked their ticket after seeing news reports that the winning ticket was purchased in their area, and still hadn't been claimed. 

"We were shocked," Mr. ten Broeke said. "We couldn't believe it." 

The ten Broekes said they plan to invest the money, help their families, donate to charity and do some traveling.