Brazen thieves target firefighters' vehicles at DeKalb County fire stations

While firefighters are out fighting fires and saving lives, thieves are breaking into their vehicles at the station. It has happened at three DeKalb County fire stations in the past couple of weeks.

Firefighters at stations 25, 26 and 7 are frustrated and angry. They found cars in the parking lot with smashed windows and items had been stolen.

"I do know there were some very expensive items taken from the cars," said Wyatt Perdomo, President of DeKalb County Professional Firefighters.

Sometimes it happens when they are out on a call, sometimes it happens when the crew is sleeping.

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Car break-ins at DeKalb County fire stations

"If they're breaking into cars while we're asleep in the station, what's next? What's stopping them from breaking into the station with us inside?" said Perdomo.

Perdomo says it makes him feel unsafe and to make matters worse, he says, it is the firefighters who have to pay to have their windows repaired.

"As of right now, the county does not fund that bill for the broken windows, it's up to the individual firefighter," said Perdomo.

In a statement to FOX 5, DeKalb County Fire Chief Darnell Fullum said they are working with law enforcement and implementing a series of measures aimed at increasing the safety and security of the employees and their property, including adding cameras and lighting.

Perdomo says he's grateful something will be done.

"We're there every third day, we work 24 on, 48 off, so it's our home. We're there a third of our lives, we should feel as safe at the fire stations as we do in our own homes," said Perdomo.