Brazen thieves break into three restaurants in Braselton

Surveillance video shows a masked man using an electric saw and crow bar to eventually break into the safe and cash box at Subway early Sunday morning. At one point he provides police useful clues, using a walkie talkie to speak to a look out.

"We have audio which is pretty good for us," said Assistant Police Chief Lou Solis with the Braselton Police Department. "Like I said on one of the audio's we hear him, it looks like he calls out to his buddy Nick."

The Assistant Chief showed FOX 5 where wires for the alarms and phones were cut. The thieves pried open back doors into the Subway, Tea Garden Chinese Restaurant and El Cintenela Mexican Restaurant. They took cash at every stop.

"We've been here ten years, it's the first time this has ever happened," said Alvaro Rivas with El Cintenela Mexican Restaurant. 

Police are still reviewing surveillance from the restaurants but it's believed this stealing crew may have struck in Gwinnett County as well.

"Gwinnett county has them as the head light bandits," said Solis. 

In the Braselton thefts, police hope an old adage 'no honor among thieves' comes into play. The crook is heard complaining about only dollar bills when according to police there was fourteen hundred dollars in the money bag. 

"Like I said no honor among thieves. So the thing is a we're telling you is we're going to catch you it's just a matter of time.," said Solis. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Braselton Police Department.

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