Boy’s adorable candy-cane gram shows love for exhausted retail workers during busy holiday season

A little boy made a retail worker’s rough day a little bit sweeter when he gave her a candy-cane gram.

Amy Fraddosio said she was having a particularly tough day on Dec. 14 when an 8-year-old boy came up to her and handed her the little note.

“Y’all, this simple gesture made my flipping day!” she said. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart because with all the chaos of everyone out there trying to find the perfect gifts, there is a family spreading small tokens of love that just makes you melt.”

She posted a photo of the mini candy cane and message attached to it on her Facebook page. She said she knows the holidays aren’t always the happiest time of year, especially for retail workers who have to deal with stressed-out shoppers quite often.

“Surprise! Our family is on a fun mission to keep the focus on others this Christmas. We hope this gesture lit up your heart in a special way today. It sure did make us smile thinking of you. Merry Christmas!” the note read.

Fraddosio said she didn’t know the little boy, but hopes anyone who knows him or his family will thank them for the act of kindness they bestowed on retail workers.

“You are winning at parenting and I hope that the love you are spreading comes back to you!” she said.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.