Boycott of Georgia companies next week in response to voting law

Some Georgians have already started boycotting companies headquartered in Georgia, ahead of the April 7th date.

"It did not hurt me at all not to shop," Dr. Barbara Campbell remarked on Good Friday.

Dr. Campbell said it will be Easter without bunnies and chocolate this year because something much more important is on the line. She is boycotting most stores, with the exception of African American-owned businesses.

Dr. Campbell is the chair of the African American Caucus of the Georgia Democratic Party said she has started her boycott early against many Atlanta favorites like Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Chick-fil-A because access to the ballot is essential.

"I normally shop on Good Friday, buying my nieces dresses and all the trimmings for Easter, but the impact of this bill has me participating in this boycott and not spending money this year," said Dr. Campbell.

The African American Caucus of the Georgia Democratic Party and many organizations plan to support the April 7th boycott that faith leaders announced earlier in the week.

Community activist Derrick Boazman vehemently opposes the new elections bill. He believes the fight against it must include lawsuits, protests, and boycotts.

"What I am saying to Atlanta and the world is why finance your own oppression, I am not spending one dime with these corporations that would not stand up and remained silent before this bill passed," an agitated Derrick Boazman exclaimed.

The boycott is reaching every corner of the state

Pastor Ferrell Malone, Sr. of the Justice Initiative lives in Waycross. He is leading the boycott charge in the 140-counties outside of the metro area in rural Georgia.

"We want to make sure this is not an Atlanta only effort. We will take this boycott message to rural Georgia, by using a large bus and driving from county to county. We are saying if there are no votes, there will be no coke," Rev. Ferrell Malone Sr. of Justice Initiatives confirms.

Faith leaders in metro Atlanta held a news conference earlier in the week announcing the April 7th boycott of Delta Airlines, Home Depot, Chick-fil-A, and others.

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