Boy selling water at Atlanta intersection hit by car

A teenager was injured while trying to make money to help out his family. An effort to make money for his family nearly turned into tragedy for a teenager selling water in Midtown.

Jamarkis Jackson was selling water near the 17th and Spring streets intersection with his brother and his friend when he was hit by a car.

“I was just trying to make some money. Stay out of trouble. Stay out of the way,” he said.

He tried to get money from a driver but wasn’t able to move out of the way fast enough.

“When I tried to grab it, it was already on the ground. He was speeding fast. He caught my leg. He ran over my leg. I tried to get out of the street. I turned around he smacked me in the face with the trailer,” he said.

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The driver of this car stopped and called 911.

Jamarkis was taken to the emergency room with injuries so bad his mother, Takezia Jackson, wasn’t able to recognize him.

“‘Where he at? I’m his mother.’ She said ‘that’s him right there.’ When I grabbed him, to read his wristband. When I read it, he grabbed my hand,” Jackson said.

Jamarkis has stood at various intersections in Atlanta almost every day for the last few years.

Selling water is more than just an excuse for him to get out of the house.

“Get us some shoes and clothes,” he said.

He brings the money back to his mother and five younger siblings.

Jackson is filled with heartbreak and guilt, knowing this happened while her tenacious son was out trying to help the family.

“He was like mom, I was out trying to sell some water, make a little money and stay out of trouble and this was just unexpected,” Jackson said.

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Jamarkis has injuries to his face and leg and will likely need surgery again.

Jackson said the family is unprepared for the medical bills and they don’t have insurance. The power in their southeast Atlanta apartment was also cut off Friday afternoon.

If you’d like to help out, you can donate to here.