Boy offers his shoes to classmate in need

An Ohio woman's Facebook post about her son's act of kindness is gaining a lot of attention. 

Last Wednesday, Erin Fedele said her son, Jaymes, asked if he could give a pair of his LeBron 13 shoes to one of his classmates. The little boy told his mother that the soles on his friend's shoes were falling off.

"He said 'why should I have all these nice shoes and my friend has to glue the bottoms on his?'" Fedele said on Facebook. "I'm beyond proud of the heart this kid has." 

Fedele shared a picture of her son holding the pair of shoes. Her photo has been shared more than 2,700 times and has nearly 7,000 likes. 

"He doesn't really understand why he is getting so much recognition," Fedele later said on Facebook. "As far as he sees it, it's not a big deal, he was simply helping a friend.