Boy holds umbrella for elderly neighbor in pouring rain

A Brooklyn, New York mom and her son are today's life lesson on "doing it right." 

Lizz Ingram, who goes by ShowBiz Lizz on her Facebook page, was making dinner at home a few weeks ago when her 13-year-old son, Jordan Glover-Ingram, took off and dashed out of the house in the pouring rain. 

The mom was all set to scold her son for leaving the house without permission until she saw events unfold that led her to grab her cell phone. Jordan had grabbed an umbrella, his mom's slippers and a jacket to catch up to an elderly neighbor who was walking in the rain without an umbrella. 

Jordan walked the man home and Lizz Ingram shared the touching story on her Facebook page. Her post has garnered more than 4 million page views, with 10,000 positive comments. 

"I was all set to fuss at him until I saw what he did," Ingram said. "I love this boy, y'all." 

Video courtesy of ShowBiz Lizz & Jordan Glover-Ingram