Body of dog found along Clayton County road

A cage with the body of a dog inside was left on the side of a Clayton County road. A local woman said she called Clayton County Animal Control days ago and they told her they don't take care of dead animals.

Brandy Smith told FOX 5 that she can't understand why anyone would leave a dog along a roadside. "If they didn't want the dog, they could have given it to the humane society or something like that," Smith said.

Clayton County Police said the animal's remains will be removed according to the Department of Refuse schedule.

A man who skateboards in the area said he witnessed the cage getting dumped there. "I heard one of the guys talking. I guess this dog lost a fight so they had to put it down and they just tossed the cage right there," Joseph Brend said.

It's unclear whether the dog was alive or already dead when it was left on the roadside. Police said if they get enough information that could lead to charges of animal cruelty, they will pursue it.