Body camera footage shows 90-year-old woman fall during grandson's arrest

Recently released police body camera footage shows the moment a 90-year-old woman fell to the ground during what officers said was the arrest of her grandson.

The incident reportedly happened on May 16 in Midland, Texas.

The footage, released on May 23, shows the woman standing on a lawn where her grandson, Tye Anders, 21, is lying, with police in attendance. As two officers are cuffing Anders, the woman falls over.

The incident occurred after Anders was pulled over for running a stop sign. He was later charged with felony evading arrest.

"We know that every second of the video will be scrutinized and debated on social media for days. I don't have a problem with that at all. Because at my core, I believe that transparency builds trust," said City Council member John Norman, who announced the release of the video.

Anders’s lawyer, Justin A Moore, said in an Instagram post that his client’s grandmother had approached to “deescalate this high stress situation by praying for her grandson and officers.”

In the footage, the woman can be seen with her arm extended, waving her hand over her grandson.

“We need Midland Police to address this issue immediately,” he said.

Storyful contributed to this report.