Large invasive crab species spotted on Georgia coast, officials concerned

A blue land crab (Georgia DNR)

Wildlife officials are asking Georgians to be on the lookout for a new invasive crab species popping up on the state's coasts.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says it has received recent reports of blue land crabs around Georgia.

The DNR says the large crabs, which can be found along the Atlantic coast from Brazil to Florida, could pose a risk to the state's ecosystem and "are a cause for concern."

The crabs somewhat resemble a large fiddler crab and can grow to as large as half a foot.

While adult males of the species have a distinctive blue color, females can be white or gray. When younger, they can be a variety of colors.

The crabs are known to burrow deep into the ground and pop up during heavy rains.

Officials are asking Georgians to take photos and report any sightings of the crabs to the Georgia Department of Nature Resources via its website.