Beloved family pet shot, killed

A Zebulon family is searching for answers and justice after reporting to the Pike County Sheriff's Office that someone had shot their family dog, Sassy, on Christmas Eve.

Adrienne Gordy is having a tough time emotionally after, she says, someone shot her family's long time pet in the front yard.

The pit bull was found dead on the porch, apparently, after she hobbled her way back from the yard.

Gordy said she hasn't no idea who would do this to her pet. She said she wants the police "to find who did this because if it's not me it could be another dog down the road it could be a child down the road."

Loren Pryor, Gordy's daughter, shared a video of a Pike County Sheriff Deputy who responded to her home after Sassy had been found dead on the porch.

"He did look for shell casings along the roadway, you know but did not find any," she said. "He said animal control would follow up."

Since Monday was a holiday, the family was frustrated because the Pike County Sheriff's Office would not release information and the local animal control was closed.

The family took to Facebook to share their concerns on a community discussion page.

"Who would shoot someone's dog in their own yard, just  toward their house at that, it blows my mind," wrote Pryor.

She said the 12-year-old pit bull loved the water and wasn't prone to wandering off the family property.

Now, the family is devastated from the loss of their beloved pet.

"I had prepared myself for her to die of old age next to me not die alone on the porch," said Gordy.

Sassy's owners told FOX 5 News they hope social media posts will reveal more information. They're asking anyone who may know anything about the Sassy's shooting to contact the Pike County Sheriff's Office.