Bay Area couple battling HOA over BLM, anti-Trump signs

Amid a community of townhouses in Danville, a yellow hummer sits prominently in the driveway of one of the homes with two signs on the windshield. 

One message supports the Black Lives Matter movement. The other says, "Trump Is A Donkeys Rear End." But the residents recently received an email from their homeowners' association, the Camino Ramon Terrace Association saying the signs are against the rules and that they need to be removed.  

Ronda Levy, who lives at the home, also happens to be vice president of the homeowners association.

"I think everyone should be able to say how they believe and what they support," she said.

The signs were made and displayed by her partner Michael Hernandez.

"I'm Latino, and Black Lives Matter has to do with injustice. What the police have done through history. I've been a part of that because of my race." he said.
Hernandez also used the words 'rear end' to keep the sentiment polite.

"There are kids in the neighborhood. I didn't want to be rude to any parents or child," he said.

But the email the couple received did not mention social justice issues. The email said the signs don't meet the criteria for what is allowed and they were not approved by the association before being displayed. 

The couple argues the HOA has no jurisdiction over someone's personal automobile and questions whether bumper stickers would be banned.

The HOA agreement does not address specifically signs and vehicles.

"I don't pay not premiums or HOA dues for my vehicle. I own it. They have no right to tell me what I can or can't put on my vehicle," said Hernandez. Other residents in the area said they support having the signs.

"The homeowners association might be overreaching a bit in asking to remove them," said Brad Seals.

The couple said they suspect the complaint is not about the signs themselves, but that they don't represent the more conservative political leanings of some influential members in the homeowners association.

"I am not going to take my signs off. I'm not violating nothing. I am not hurting nobody. It is just a message to make people be aware," said Hernandez.

The couple said they plan to speak with an attorney.

The homeowners association and property management company has not yet returned KTVU's request for comment.