Bankruptcy Causing Headaches for Drivers

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Georgia state officials said a company contracted to send out license plate tag renewal notifications has declared bankruptcy, and as a result stopped sending out those notices.

World Marketing was contracted to send out the mailers, but on Tuesday announced it was filing for Chapter 11. The move has caused confusion for some drivers who were expecting to get a renewal notification in the mail.

"These renewal notices typically go out 30-45 days in advance, and we're getting phone calls because people's birthdays are perhaps next week, and they haven't received it in the mail yet," said David Curry, Henry County's tax commissioner.

He said his office has received nearly four hundred calls from people expecting a renewal notification.

In a statement, World Marketing President Tyrone Jeffcoat said, "It is with a heavy heart and great disappointment that I had to announce to our employees World Marketing is filing petitions under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code...the investment needed to operate the business fell short and the company ran out of money."

The Georgia Department of Revenue said it is working on a solution that it hopes to have finalized soon. However, renewal notices are sent out as a courtesy and tag renewals can be done with or without a renewal notification. This can be done in person at a local tag office, online, or at a new kiosk available in eleven different Georgia counties.