'Bandana bandit:' Crook caught on camera cruising around on stolen lawn mowers

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A Lamar County business is out $16,000 after a crook got away with two John Deere Zero turn lawn mowers.

The brazen act was caught on the SunSouth John Deere store's 18 security cameras earlier this month, installed after suffering a similar incident last summer.

Lamar County deputies told FOX 5 News they do see a spike in these types of thefts around this time of year.

The driver is seen on video circumventing the gate by driving into a ditch. He then weaves through rows of tractors and parks next to the porch of mowers.

Employees said it was clear the nicknamed “bandana bandit” knew what he was doing, first cutting the cable, then starting the mower and driving it with ease.

“He used his own key to get it into his trailer both mowers,” Estes said. “He knew what he was doing, operating the mowers.”

The suspect struck on June 1 – just four minutes after the last employee left for the day, according to authorities.

“A lot of people were surprised because it was the middle of the day, right after we closed,” Estes added.

Despite the crisp surveillance video, there's a limited description of the suspect who was covered head to toe in clothing.

Detectives hope someone recognizes the man's movement or vehicle.