Ball field destroyed after weekend festival in McDonough

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Parents and coaches with the McDonough Youth Association are sounding off to city leaders after they said a weekend festival destroyed the softball field at Alexander Park.

“It’s going to take $5,000 or $6,000 just in sod,” said McDonough Youth Association Board Member Josh LaVigne.

Parents and coaches took their concerns to the city council Monday evening, expressing how they volunteer time and money to maintain the field for their girls that now may be closed for a month.

 “Now we have girls who can’t practice that are going to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a tournament next week, now we have to try and find fields for them to practice on,” said LaVigne.

The Caribbean Festival is a city-partnered event; Councilmember Sandra Vincent supports the festival and is one of their honorees. Councilmember Vincent said on Saturday when it started raining, vehicles were driven onto the felid to remove electronic equipment before it got wet, along with heavy equipment when a stage got stuck.

“I am so sorry that, that had happened,” said McDonough Councilmember Sandra Vincent. “I am sure everybody that is involved is sorry that this happened, but it was an act of God in terms of the rain and there was absolutely nothing that could be done.”

But parents said the solution is simple; do not let vehicles onto the field. A rule they believed was established two years ago when they had a similar incident.

“I have nothing against the festival, that’s not my issue, my issue is using common sense when the heavy downpour of rain came Friday night why would you drive a vehicle onto a field,” said parent, Robyn McGinty.

Festivalgoers also spoke out; sharing their hurt for the children, but who said as taxpayers the park is theirs too.

“And while I agree with what they are going through and I empathize with them, somebody empathizes with us,” said Chris Scott with the Caribbean Association of Georgia.

According to the McDonough Youth Association damages are estimated at $10,000.