Baking up a sweeter spring with Pie Bar

"We always say, ‘Grandma ain’t here!’  So, you don’t have to tell her that our pies are better!"

If Lauren Bolden sounds confident about the pies she and husband Cody serve up from their North Georgia pie shops, there’s a reason — they’re really that good.

The Boldens are the founders of Pie Bar, a booming baked goods business with locations in Woodstock and Marietta (and a large commissary that's not open to the public) — as well as online ordering options.  When we visited Pie Bar Woodstock back in 2018, Lauren told us about the shop’s humble (pardon the pun) beginnings.

"We started selling our pies everywhere we could," she says. "We were selling them at antique shows, we were selling them at farmer’s markets, we were selling them, like, out in front of concerts that I don’t think we were invited to! Just anywhere we could to get our pies in front of folks."

Those pies became so popular that the couple quit their 9-to-5 jobs and opened their first brick-and-mortar pie shop in 2015, quickly attracting even more fans thanks to their menu of sweet and savory pies baked from scratch. Popular flavors include apple streusel, bourbon chocolate pecan, chocolate chess, and the rosemary chicken pot pie. Bolden also teaches fans how to master their own crust, offering an online course called "5 Steps to Flaky Pie Crust."

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With the first day of spring less than a month away (can you believe it?), we thought it was a good time to pay another visit to Pie Bar, getting a taste of what’s cooking for the new season. Click the video player for a peek at our morning with Lauren and Cody — and click here for more information on ordering some of their pies for yourself!

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