Authorities seeking suspects who shot man at Henry County gas station

Henry County police want your help finding the people they say are responsible for a shooting that injured a 47-year-old man at a gas station.

Investigators say it happened just after 4 p.m. Tuesday at the Sunoco on Walt Stephens Road.

Police haven't said how or why someone pulled out a gun at the gas station, or if the two suspects know the victim but officers did say the pair left in a gray Nissan. Photos of the suspects show the man in a black Nirvana t-shirt and the woman in a white t-shirt with a circular logo.

Neighbors weren’t happy to hear about the shooting.

"When I was coming up you just fought," a woman who lives nearby who asked not to be identified said. "These young folks don't want to do the work, they'll just shoot you."

That woman says she moved from New York to Henry County for peace and quiet. 

"You leave that type of environment to get away from that, so for you to be shooting someone at the local corner store, it's kinda scary," she said.
She says she's always alert, not just at gas stations, but whenever she gets out of the house. 

"You can't trust anybody…Before you know it you'll be caught up in some negativity," she said.

 Police expect the victim will be okay and say the shooting is still under investigation. Anyone with information about the shooting should call 770-957-9121.

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