Austin 'goes country' with free Garth Brooks show at SXSW

In a small conference room full of national and local media at the Austin Convention Center, the top-selling solo artist of the 20th century was waiting in the wings while his new single "Ask Me How I Know" played on KASE 101.

Brooks took the stage...and then the big announcement:  Sponsored by Amazon Music, Brooks will be playing a free SXSW show Saturday night at Vic Mathias Shores also known as Auditorium Shores on Lady Bird Lake

"Usually I describe our show as championship wrestling put to music kind of thing but tomorrow it's just going to be all about the music, going to have fun," Brooks said.

After the big press conference FOX 7 got to speak with Garth one-on-one in his dressing room.

"It's just going to be people getting together to celebrate music which is what this town represents probably better than any other town on the planet," Brooks said.

With the beautiful Austin skyline as a backdrop, the gates open at 11 am Saturday morning.  Music is happening all day like Cale Tyson and Sunny Sweeney.  Garth will take the stage around 8 pm according to Amazon reps.

And yes, SXSW registrants and music festival wristband holders can attend but the focus seems to be on Austin residents.

Austinites could sign up for complimentary tickets based on their credit card billing address.

"If everybody from Austin that wants to see the show, sees the show...then I think it's a success," Brooks said.

Hopefully everyone that wants to see him got tickets because the website says "sold out" as of Friday afternoon.  Amazon Music tweeted out those free tickets were gone within 5 minutes.

During our dressing room interview Garth had good things to say about Austin food...

"Barbecue, Tex-Mex, it doesn't matter this is the place," he said.

…and Texas music...

"I've said this a million times: You could make a great living on music just staying in the state of Texas.  And me being a kid from Oklahoma, I didn't think that they would take me in down here but they have treated me like a native son since day 1 so I feel lucky to be here," Brooks said.