Austell father sent to prison for DUI crash that injured daughter

A Cobb County man who was arrested in February for driving under the influence has been sentenced to six years in prison. 

Jerry Lee Scott, 57, of Austell, pled guilty Thursday to serious injury by vehicle, and three counts of endangering a child while driving under the influence. 

Investigators said on February 5, which was Super Bowl Sunday, Scott was driving his 2005 PT Cruiser when he turned left in front of a pickup truck at the intersection of Veterans Memorial Highway and Austell Road. His two daughters, granddaughter and two adult family members were in the vehicle when he crashed. 

Scott's youngest daughter was critically injured in the wreck. Authorities said the 7-year-old was partially paralyzed, suffered brain trauma, an eye injury and acute respiratory failure. 

Responding officers said Scott's blood alcohol content measured at .195, more than twice the legal limit. 

Authorities said this was Scott's fourth driving under the influence arrest. 

“I recognize that Mr. Scott did not intend to harm his child. His intent was to drink alcohol, and he chose to drive the vehicle. He has to live with knowing that he is responsible for causing these injuries, and the fact that she may never fully recover,” said Senior ADA Patricia Hull, who prosecuted the case. “Mr. Scott has had a lot of opportunities over the years to make a change in his life, and he has failed to do so.” 

Scott has remained in prison since he was arrested at the scene of the wreck.