Attempted abduction reported in Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs police are looking for a suspicious white van that may have been involved in an attempted abduction.

Detectives told FOX 5 News a young girl in the Stone Manor Condominiums on Roswell Road got a real scare. Police said three men and a woman traveling in a white van tried to abduct the young girl. The bold incident disturbed area residents.

"It is scary. My nieces visit here," area resident Riana Fonseca replied.

"This sort of thing makes me feel like worried not just for the people I know, but everybody I don't know," one resident recalled.

Sandy Springs police said the four suspects, three men, and a woman with dreads, stopped the girl several times. She told police they first asked for directions to the swimming pool, then a condominium unit. Detectives said the third time, the suspects offered the girl a Chick-fil-A sandwich. The enticement was a red flag because the popular chain is not open on Sundays.

Stone Manor's property manager sent out flyers warning residents to be on alert.

As police search for the suspects, longtime resident Elliot Cash said he had an idea about how the culprits may have gained access to the property.

"Occasionally people come in when the gate is broken and that may have been the cause for this. The front gate was out of order," Cash recalled.

Sandy Springs said anyone with information should give them a call.