Atlanta woman's parents trapped, rescued in Harvey aftermath

One metro Atlanta woman understands just how desperate the situation in Port Arthur, Texas is. Her parents were trapped there.

FOX 5 talked to their daughter, who spent the night working to get them help.

Imagine you're here in Atlanta, 12 hours away from loved ones.You're already worried about them when you get the word that they're trapped, with flood waters rising around them.

Tiffany Keys says she got that frightening call from her parents Tuesday night.

"Twelve o'clock I get a call they say water was rushing into the house, and they need to get out and my parents are both using a cane," said Keys.

Keys worked the phones overnight, trying to get her elderly parents some help.

"The water was still rising and it was still raining it was terrifying because I can't get there," said Keys.

LJ Belton and his wife Delores, forced out of their home by rising floodwaters in Port Arthur, Texas late Tuesday, were now trapped in the bed of their pickup truck.

"All night my sister and I have been trying to think of people to go and get them but we were told they couldn't do anything until daylight because the winds were so high and they were blowing the boats over and they needed to be able to see in order to rescue them," said Keys.

Just before 10 a.m., her prayers were answered, Keys received word her parents were safe.

Tiffany tells me a good samaritan reached the Beltons by boat, and carried them to dry land, before heading out in search of others left stranded when rising waters moved in.

"They picked them up in an air boat and dropped them off I guess at a designated area where they wait on a bus to take them to a shelter," said Keys.

Relieved her parents are now out of harm's way, the South Fulton resident who is a native Texan, still worries for the countless others affected by flooding and other damage since Harvey first came ashore Friday.

" Never experienced anything like this. Never.  It's the worst.," said Keys.