Atlanta woman finds stranger lying down on front patio

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An Atlanta woman is recovering after a frightening experience at her home.

Maura Chey said at around 4:30 Monday morning, her two Goldendoodles were pacing and growling so she thought they had to go out. On her way back in to her Morningside home, she noticed something was not right.

"I saw the pillows on my couch on my patio were on the ground which is unusual and then I saw him," said Chey. "The same second I saw him, he said 'hi.'"

Chey said she started screaming and ran into her home. The chilling screams can be heard on her home surveillance video and you can also see the man run off.

"She sounded very panicked and very scared," said Chey's husband, Rich Chey who woke up to his wife screams.  "I just came down as soon as I could and came outside and looked around and by that time he had already fled."

Chey said she called 911 and police searched the area for the man, but could not find him.

"It was frightening, it was so scary," said Chey.  "To come out in the middle of the night is scary enough, but to be surprised by a stranger, I do not know what he was doing."

Chey said she wants her neighborhood to know what happened to her because they have had recent home and car break-ins in the area. While Chey does not know what the man's intentions were, if any, she is grateful she and her family are ok.

"I am so thankful.  It could have had a very different ending," said Chey.