Atlanta woman educating millennials on breast health

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An Atlanta resident is trying to make a difference in the community by educating millennials on breast health after suffering her own medical scare.

Ann Marie Appiah was only 23 years old when she said she felt something wrong with her left breast.

Appiah said doctors had to perform a lumpectomy.

"I was really scared and uncomfortable," she said. "I felt alone."

After her recovery, Appiah said she realized the importance of being educated on breast health ... something she worries millennials may not be.

"There's a huge increase in young women who are getting cancer," Appiah said. "We can not live in fear if we can understand what we can do to be preventative and we can all move as a force.

She started Painted Pink, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating millennials on breast health. 

Appiah said she hopes by sharing her story it will encourage millennials to be proactive when it comes to their bodies. 

"We have to take care of ourselves, strangers and your neighbors," she said. "I would really charge millennials to do annual checks, do self exams, and check on loved ones. 

Appiah is hosting her fifth annual Breast Cancer Brunch in October.

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