Atlanta vehicle stolen three times, tied to burglary crime spree

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FOX 5 News has learned that a vehicle connected to a burglary crime spree had been stolen three times in Atlanta, in a span of a year and a half.

“It’s so ridiculous. Your car is not supposed to be stolen three times!” said car owner Rachael Jamison.

Atlanta Police said after Jamison’s vehicle was taken out of her apartment’s parking lot on North Avenue Thursday morning, the dark green Jeep Cherokee was spotted in the Glenwood Park community. Neighbors shared with FOX 5 News video of the vehicle at the scene of a burglary.

Atlanta Police and the burglary victim shared with FOX 5 News video of the break-in inside a home on North Ormewood Park Drive SE. The video shows two men breaking into a home and hauling off a television.

Police said they are working to tie two other nearby burglaries to the thieves.

Jamison said after she discovered the vehicle missing, she shared a photo of a dark green Jeep Cherokee on Facebook to alert neighbors. She said she learned through others on social media that her car had been spotted by neighbors at the scene of at least one burglary.

“I’m really surprised they are brave and bold to do that around the city,” Jamison said.

Jamison said her vehicle had been broken into, dozens of times as well, while she has lived in northeast Atlanta.

In the past, Atlanta Police officials have told FOX 5 that older model Jeep Cherokees are among the top cars targeted by car thieves, as the vehicle is easy for thieves to unlock.

Anyone with information on the crimes or the suspects in the surveillance video is asked to call Atlanta Police or Crime Stoppers. The vehicle's tag is PMT8029 and has “Missoula” and “FB” stickers.