Atlanta TSA agents get free gas

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Before the announcement of the government shutdown deal, hundreds of TSA workers expressed their gratitude for a gift. They got gasoline for free.

The cost of gasoline on a tight budget was one of the reasons cited by the workers that could cause them to miss shifts.

A corporate firm, Georgia's Own Credit Union decided for two hours to supply gas to workers who drove up with an ID.

Each got eight and a half gallons, an amount that coincided with the firm's 85-year history.

Dominic Heard is among the most vulnerable of the TSA workers. The young mother said, "It's been a little rough for some of us. I really appreciate what they did paying for the gas."

Heard got hired just before the shutdown.

The firm authorized $15,000 to purchase gas. But the CEO said he wasn't going to turn anyone away if they got to one of two RaceTrac stations near the airport during the time of the giveaway.