Atlanta teens and police learn from each other

Atlanta police are trying to solve crime before it happens by reaching out to teenagers across the metro Atlanta area. They have partnered with the foundation at Promise Youth Initiative to help build relationships with officer and give teens positive role models in their lives.

The teens and local officers were at the Georgia Dome on Monday celebrating the Falcons’ win with a DJ, dodge ball, tag, tug of war, and more.

“Our community, we really don't think that police officers would do things like this. You see them in the neighborhoods and we really just look at them like they would hurt us,” said Karrington Williams, Atlanta Youth Participant.

That sentiment is changing for the 17-year-old Williams and over 200 of her peers. The Atlanta Police Foundation organized Monday’s inaugural Youth Field Day at the Georgia Dome through their Promise Youth Initiative, an organization working to change the perspective of Atlanta youth, like Williams.

“We have been doing a lot of fun activities with the police and stuff,” said Ronald Hart, Atlanta Youth Participant.

“We get to move our muscles and get out. Play 60 minutes of play,” Jordynn Fluellen, Atlanta Youth Participant.

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields said it’s one of many steps that can bridge the gap between Atlanta’s young and their police officers.

“We want the kids to not look at us as their adversaries. But equally important, we need our officers, especially our recruits to understand that there's so much more to law enforcement than arresting people, especially young people,” said Shields.

The event was such a success that police said they do plan to make this a yearly event.

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