Atlanta taxi cab stolen, driver assaulted

An Atlanta cabbie had a scary evening when he answered a call for a ride in South Atlanta. 

Jean Lozier says when he pulled into a dead end street, there were five young people who got into his car, a Checker cab.

Lozier says he told the teenagers that there were too many of them. They did not listen and refused to get out of the vehicle. 

The cabbie then asked for a deposit of $20 for the trip. Again, they did not comply.

Lozier says the five -- three girls and two boys - turned aggressive. They struck him over the head and pulled him out of his taxi.  One of them snatched two cell phones and drove off in the cab. 

What are they going to do with the marked taxi? That is a concern for the cab company. Checker managers fear an impostor may attempt to pick up a rider.