New data on accidents raises concern for heavy truck drivers, crews

Safety is a concern at Atlanta City Hall amid eleven heavy truck accidents in one month.

Atlanta Public Works crews were involved in those crashes.

In some of those, Director Al Wiggins said other drivers simply get too close to the vehicles, not leaving enough room for sanitation workers to collect the trash.

Wiggins, in a report to Atlanta City Council members, said he recently joined the workers on the road for a closer look at the issue.

"I can tell you, it is a dangerous job they perform," Wiggins said. "On more than one occasion, we had some near misses." 

Recent data shows a total of seven accidents in January and February. But in March, crews were involved in eleven mishaps. That is one every three day. 

"We have got to get that down," Wiggins said.

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A new report made to the Atlanta City Council shows at least 11 accidents happened in one month involving public works’ vehicles. (FOX 5)

The commissioner does not put all the blame on drivers who are not yielding. 

"We can do a better job. Slow down," Wiggins said. 

He has added an emergency preparedness chief to the staff who is tasked with analyzing the sanitation routes for "hot spots."