Atlanta Public Schools addresses district's reopening plan

Atlanta Public Schools officials are hosting a town hall on Thursday for parents to ask questions about the district's reopening plan.

The current plan would allow some students back in the classroom on October 26.

"I feel like for the first three weeks, she wasn't even learning," said Sally Huffstetler Patton, an APS parent.

The impacts of digital learning have been challenging for both parents and students.

"I was devastated. I was devastated for her. She was so excited about fifth grade," said Huffstetler Patton.

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"There is a physical toll to this virtual learning," said David Hayes, an APS parent.

The plan on the table is to phase students back in school at the end of October. It would allow special education and pre-k through second grade to have the choice of returning for in-person learning two days a week.

"There is no plan in place for grades 3 to 12. There is no plan," said Huffstetler Patton.


Atlanta Public School Board Chairman, Jason Estevez, said parent and teacher feedback will play into when the students in third through twelfth grade will return for face to face learning. Estevez said the district is gathering that information right now.

"We are hearing mixed feedback from across the city. There are parents that wanted their kids back yesterday, and there are other parents who are saying no," said Estevez.

Hayes supports a plan that would all in-person learning five days a week.

"A parent like me who is in favor of this five-day option, I'm probably not going to choose to send my child back in this hybrid model," said Hayes.

The decision is in the hands of Atlanta Superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring.

"We're in an emergency, so she does have the authority to ultimately make the decision," said Estevez.

APS will be getting a survey to fill out to gauge their comfort level of returning to school. If you would like to tune in to the town hall here.

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