Atlanta Public School superintendent fights for job

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It is not over. Attorney Roy Barnes, a former Georgia governor, says the tenure of school superintendent Meria Carstarphen should not be over.

He will try to help her get a second vote on a possible new contract.

On Monday, a vote taken in executive session, behind closed doors, set out the school system would be going in a new direction.

Carstarphen on Wednesday said she respects the board's right to make the decision but that she would like to stay.

Barnes believes there are just as many parents and others in the school community who want the superintendent to continue on, as those who oppose her.

Barnes said there should be an open discussion and vote, a second vote, on Dr. Carstarphen.

"Look at her evaluations," Barnes said, "everyone was good".

The former governor said there is plenty of time to have a meaningful discussion about the future of the city schools.