Hundreds in Atlanta join pro-Palestine protests nationwide, call for ceasefire in Gaza

Calls for a ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestine conflict are growing as war rages on in the Gaza Strip. Those calls could be heard throughout the weekend at protests across the country organized by pro-Palestinian groups, including one in Atlanta.

"Peace cannot exist as long as Israel is occupying Palestinian’s land. We’re demanding that the U.S. end all aid to Israel," said Addison Clapp with the Party for Socialism and Liberation. 

The group spearheaded a rally Sunday evening at Grant Park where hundreds of residents showed up to show their opposition to US support of Israeli military forces.

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Pro-Palestine rally held in Atlanta on Jan. 7, 2024.

"As a Black male, there’s obvious familiarity with oppressive states and the reality is we all have an equal responsibility to make sure we’re doing our part," resident Marvin Francois told FOX 5.

Protesters marched through the streets carrying signs sending a clear message that organizer Addison Clapp says they hope will reach city, state and federal leaders.

"The tens of thousands, the hundreds of thousands of people marching on a weekly basis are showing that they do not support the current policies no matter what the administration says," Clapp explained.

The latest of Israeli attacks left nine Palestinians dead, including a young child on Sunday.

An Israeli officer and Jerusalem resident were also reportedly killed. 

Atlanta resident Marvin Francois said he wants to see the conflict come to an immediate resolution.

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Pro-Palestine rally held in Atlanta on Jan. 7, 2024.

"The most concerning part about it for me is that we have government officials using our dollars to advance policies and decisions that we don’t support."

With the number of Palestinian casualties approaching 23,000, he and other Pro-Palestine supporters are rallying for an end to the use of U.S. tax dollars to support Israeli armed forces.

Some polls indicate the number of Americans in support of a ceasefire is growing.

"The fact that people are still coming out, three months into this, in the cold weather shows that they’re not going to stop until Palestine is free," Clapp added.

She told FOX 5 they plan to rally again at the State Capitol Monday at 10 a.m. where Georgia lawmakers will reconvene for the start of the legislative session. Their goal is to bring their concerns to the General Assembly.