Atlanta Pride Parade 2023: Love, support fills the streets

Atlanta Pride Parade 2023

The vibrant streets of Atlanta came alive as thousands gathered for the annual Atlanta Pride Parade, with this year's theme being "Show Up and Show Out."

An estimated 100,000 people lined Peachtree Street on Sunday to celebrate diversity and inclusivity at the heart of Atlanta's Pride Parade. From the energetic music to the overwhelming support of major companies and local institutions, the city united to show Atlanta has unwavering pride.

Some of the more notable guests included the Atlanta Hawks. They made history Sunday as the first sports team in Atlanta to participate in the annual Pride Parade.

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The Atlanta Hawks became the first sports team in the city to attend the Pride Parade as an organization.

"For us, it's really important to be here and celebrate the community," Alexis Roe of the Atlanta Hawks said, expressing the team's dedication to the community.

She said the Hawks have plans to continue their celebration on Jan. 17 at State Farm Arena.

For many attendees, the Pride Parade was a deeply personal experience.

"I have a trans son, and I wanted to come and show my support for him and the entire community," one mom told FOX 5.

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Atlanta Pride Parade 2023

This year's theme encouraged attendees to come as their most authentic selves and embrace love and acceptance.

Parade-goers agreed support plays a vital role in the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, one particularly heartwarming individual offered free hugs throughout the crowd, reminding attendees that they are loved and accepted.

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Atlanta Pride Parade 2023

"I'm a big dude, and I like to hug people that need support," he said. "There are a lot of people around here that haven't been accepted by their community or families, and I'm here to tell them there are more good people out here than they could possibly know, and the world loves you."

The 2023 Atlanta Pride Parade was a colorful and spirited celebration, highlighting the city's commitment to embracing love, diversity, and unity.