Atlanta Police: 'We're prepared for Super Bowl' despite federal shutdown woes

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If the shutdown holds as the super bowl nears, there's growing concern that already cash-strapped agencies such as the TSA and FAA could struggle to meet demand.

The latest talk from some congressional lawmakers has focused on the amount of federal help available to Atlanta for the big game.

As FOX News reported, a house democratic caucus meeting was roiled Thursday morning after one representative floated the possibility that the ongoing partial federal government shutdown might affect federal authorities' ability to secure the upcoming super bowl - considered a 'highest level' security event.

The talk prompted this reaction from White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders Friday morning.

"I think if the Democrats have those kind of concerns they should come to the table and negotiate with the president. We have an offer on the table, we've made it clear we would like to make a deal" Sanders said. 

Speaking at a meeting with federal partners just this week, Atlanta Police insist that resources are on hand, shutdown or not.


In a statement to FOX 5 News Friday, Atlanta Police say they remain in close contact with local, state and federal partners. they remain confident, they say, that there will be no disruptions to the super bowl security plan as a result of the partial government shutdown. 

Authorities say they are so confident, in fact, that road closures will begin as scheduled, on Monday.

Atlanta Police say more than two-dozen agencies have are involved in the security plan - and contingencies are in place, for the partial federal shutdown.

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