Atlanta Police Understaffing Makes Residents Nervous

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The peace of mind in some Atlanta neighborhoods has been taken away. Homeowners have either been the victims of crime or it's likely then know someone who has.

Stephanie McGarity, a Buckhead resident, said there have been instances on her street when a stranger 911 call has been made but it went unanswered because there was no officer available to come check it out.

Community leaders want an impasse between police and city hall over pay resolved in order to boost morale so cops here won't leave to go elsewhere.

The union estimates the department is currently 200 officers short. Figures released from the chief's office puts the shortage at approximately half that amount.

At city hall Wednesday afternoon, there was some news that may turn out to be good for the entire city. The union announced talks to resolve the pay stalemate have resumed. President Ken Allen said progress is being made.