Atlanta Police Search for Apartment Stabbing Suspect

Police continue to search for the person who fatally stabbed a woman in her apartment late Tuesday.

According to Atlanta Police, it happened at the Magnolia Park Apartments in northwest Atlanta. Officers responded to the complex around 9:45 p.m. to discover a woman in her early 30s had been stabbed multiple times.  Police found a knife still in her chest. 

Investigators say there were no signs of forced entry and believe the victim may have known her killer.

"Some neighbors are saying that they heard some type of argument and then the female screaming," explained Atlanta Police Homicide Lt. Charles Hampton. 

The woman's male roommate was home at the time of the murder, but he told police he did not see anything.  Investigators said he was cooperating with them. 

Police said someone was seen running from the back of the apartment complex around the time of the murder.

They ask anyone with information to call Atlanta Police or Crimestoppers.