Atlanta police say guns being stolen at record-setting pace

The number of weapons stolen so far this year in the city of Atlanta is alarming. 

The Atlanta Police Department says 705 firearms have been reported stolen — a lot of those taken out of cars. 

The city council public safety panel this week received a briefing on crime. 

"We are seeing an uptick in road rage and other incidents in which weapons are being used," said Darin Schierbaum, a deputy chief. 

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Many of the individuals the chief referenced likely had no history of criminal behavior before their emotions got the best of them. 

Add to these cases, police say too many of what you might call common lawbreakers are easily getting their hands on guns taken from the vehicles of gun owners. 

"I don't understand why people don't take care to secure their weapons," said Councilman Michael Bond. 

APD is trying to address that through a Public Service Announcement. In it, an officer demonstrates how you can purchase a safe or locking device to store your firearm if you feel you must travel with it. 

Deputy Chief Schierbaum reported APD is making some headway by recovering just over 500 weapons, getting them off the street and notifying owners if they can find them. 

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