Atlanta Police officers get pay raises

If you happen to see an Atlanta Police officer this weekend, chances are he or she will be wearing a broad smile.

They just got raises that average $10,000 each officer.

It's being called a "catch-up" raise because in the past any pay hike was hit and miss.

The largest city department in the state was not at the top of the pay scale.

Five-year officer Corey Commerce called the pay boost a big deal.

"Several officers out of my precinct (Zone Two Buckhead) were talking about leaving," Commerce said.

As officers on Friday saw the money in their accounts, the mood instantly turned positive.

They recall many promises that went unfulfilled.

"Kudos to the mayor, she made it happen," said Lt. Stephen Zygag, president of the International Brotherhood of Police officers.

Atlanta is 350 officers short. Police Chief Erika Shields says now that the raise is a reality, she expects interest from officers who work for other agencies to pick up.