Atlanta police officer offers act of kindness to man needing clothes

A call about an indecent exposure in Atlanta turned into an act of kindness thanks to a big-hearted police officer.

On Halloween, officials say Officer Nguyen and Officer Prophete were sent to northwest Atlanta to investigate a public indecency call.

At the scene, the officers found the man the call was about wearing clothes that were too small to cover the entire body. They quickly learned that the man didn't have any other clothes to change into.

Instead of citing the man, Nguyen stopped by a local Walmart to get him a new outfit and some shoes.

"It's not for me. I found a gentleman out there who needs some clothes, so I'm doing the best I can," Nguyen is heard telling the Walmart cashier on bodycam footage.

Atlanta police say this act demonstrated the compassion and corner officers have for the citizens they serve.

"Newly sworn, Ofc. Prophete, had a different kind of training day, witnessing what it means to be an APD officer in real time," a spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department wrote on Facebook. "We could not be prouder of Ofc. Nguyen."