Atlanta police discuss street racing enforcement limitations

They are out on the road, seemingly with no particular destination.

They are the street racers who dodge police when they try to do stunts or drive fast.

But there is one way they can ride -- roaring their engines -- and police for a practical matter cannot do anything about it.

What about a noise law? It exists under the Gold Dome. But the police chief told city council members Monday, his officers would have to be in a position to measure that noise in order to enforce that requirement.

One stipulation, law enforcement needs to be at a distance of three hundred feet to listen and determine that right at that point, a particular vehicle is too loud.

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And it would follow that you would have to have units ahead to stop the car with the booming exhaust.

"We need to look at that," said the president of council Felicia Moore. "If there is something we can do over at the legislature to make it easier for you, then we need to request it."