Atlanta Police Chief: "Zero-tolerance policy" for second night of planned demonstrations

Atlanta police said the department "will not tolerate the looting and damage to property that occurred on Friday night and Saturday morning". 

During a press conference Saturday evening, Chief of Police Erika Shields said:

"As we come back into today, we have an absolute zero-tolerance policy, zero. There will be no lawlessness. It's not about protesting anymore. It's about saving our city. This is not who Atlanta is, and these folks who have come here thinking they are going to pull this crap are mistaken. Yes, you caught us off balance once, it will not happen twice." 

At least three officers suffered minor injuries. One was pushed down during a scuffle with protestors when a large crowd attempted to surround a police vehicle and two others were injured by flying debris.

According to Atlanta police, the looting and damage to property Friday night and Saturday morning resulted in 71 arrests and damage to 20 APD vehicles.

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