Atlanta Police Chief warns officers to use bodycams or else

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The police body camera is not meant for decoration. So, the chief of the Atlanta Police Department tells her officers to start using them or else.

A warning comes from Erika Shields after learning the results of an independent audit.

That audit showed that many officers don't even bother to charge the units. And when they are properly turned on, some of the supervisors are not taking the time to review the footage.

At a city council meeting, members told the chief that citizens paid millions for the bodycams and taxpayers will not like the nonchalance in which some officers are dealing with a policy the city believes is important.

The bodycams are to be turned on whenever a cruiser pulls out on a 911 emergency call or when the officer has citizen contact.

"I agree with you," Chief Shields told the council members.

She said any officer who fails to comply faces a penalty "in the wallet" through suspension.