Atlanta Police chief, officers hash out frustrations

Some frustrated Atlanta Police officers carried a message to their boss during a private meeting at City Hall.

The officers complain they cannot be sure what the chief wants when it comes to putting hands on a suspect who may resist.

The controversy stems from a takedown by three officers in Downtown Atlanta over the summer. The incident was captured on a cellphone. Chief Erika Shields said she saw enough from a short clip to determine that Officer Quinton Green used too much force.

The chairman of the council public safety panel brought together the chief and a top police union official to hash it out.

Vincent Champion told Shields the force used in the video is taught at the academy. He added that if the chief does not want to see that, then everyday training should be modified. A spokesperson for the chief declined to talk about the private meeting.

Councilman Dickens called the one hour talk a good first start. He said he is prepared to call additional meetings if the rank and file and brass have trouble getting on the same page.