Atlanta Police arrest 11 suspects on “most wanted” list in 5 months

Not even 6 months since their renewed push to get violent criminals off the street, Atlanta police have arrested 11 people on their most wanted list.

You might've seen digital "wanted" images floating around on social media.

"When you're starting to see crime creep up on you, you reevaluate things you're doing," interim Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant told FOX 5’s Alex Whittler.

The 21st century "wanted posters" are part of the Atlanta Police Department's renewed push to get violent criminals behind bars after increased violence in 2020.

Chief Bryant says violent offenders are more likely to target other victims and asking for the public’s helping finding them could prevent a repeat offense.

Captain Pete Malecki says the suspects on the "most wanted" list are violent and often apprehended out of state. They've made 11 "most wanted" arrests in 5 months.

"Each time we make an arrest, we replace them with a new individual," Captain Malecki said. "The list is constantly maintained at 10."

The current most wanted list can be found here.

Robert Henderson and James Mitchell have been on that since the list's inception. They’re wanted for vehicular homicide and armed robbery respectively.

Police believe someone reading this report could make a difference in their search.

That's how police arrested Asjah Coleman.

She was on their most wanted list for allegedly giving the bait and switch to men she partied with-- ultimately tricking them into letting her into their hotel room. They didn’t know a man was right behind her, ready to hold the victims up at gunpoint.

Tips and surveillance video helped track her down.

"We know our success rate increases when working with community," Captain Malecki said.

Anyone with information that could lead police to an arrest of the 10 suspects on the current most wanted list should call Crime Stoppers.

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